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Adopt the Power of A
All associations and nonprofits are encouraged to tap into The Power of A campaign materials to help broadcast how your group builds a stronger nation and world. Just as you provide a community, network or home for your members, The Power of A is the identity for the more than 1.9 million associations and nonprofits in America, as well as those around the globe. Through The Power of A, ASAE provides several easy ways to be part of the industryís Power of A campaign and help let legislators, members, partners and the public at large know how you are part of an industry that is essential to society, the economy and more. In addition to the ideas below, you are encouraged to find new ways to spread the word that best meet your organizationís needs. The Power of A is how we help enrich lives through setting industry standards of quality, ethics and safety. How we train our nationís workforce; teaching skills, growing jobs. How we drive safety and sustainability standards, keeping the engine of Industry running smooth and safe. And how we draw on the wisdom and perspective of the collective so we can predict trends and seed progress. +++++ http://www.thepowerofa.org +++++