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Messe Berlin - A good Year
Group sales of more than 250 million euros – a ten-fold increase in sales by Messe Berlin over the past 15 years. Over 60 per cent of exhibitors come from abroad – Major successes on Asian market. +++++++++ Compared with 2009 (157.5 mi. euros) the increase in sales has amounted to 39.7 per cent. Messe Berlin’s events have provided the capital and the surrounding region with an influx of some two billion euros as a result of expenditure by out-of-town visitors to trade shows and conventions. The Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin reported that also the marketing of international conventions Berlin, as an acknowledged venue for such events, has again achieved very encouraging progress. With its wide-ranging portfolio of activities comprising leading international trade shows, success overseas in Southeast Asia, and a flourishing convention business, Messe Berlin is already in a strong and stable market position. The 62 trade shows and exhibitions which took place in Berlin – including 23 that were organized in-house by Messe Berlin – attracted a total attendance of more than 2.3 million people (2009: 1.6 million), who included a large number of international specialist buyers. Last year the presence of foreign exhibitors at the capital’s trade show venue was once again above the average for Germany as a whole: over 60 per cent of the more than 24,000 exhibiting companies at Messe Berlin’s own events came from abroad. ++++++++ www.messe-berlin.de +++++++++