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DisplayPort over USB-C, New Codec for Handheld Device-Specific Display Interface Compression.
The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced that the growing trend of viewing higher-resolution digital content over mobile devices is fueling the adoption of DisplayPort and other VESA standards in the consumer electronics space. DisplayPort Alt Mode, which enables simultaneous video, power and data delivery to be carried over the USB Type-C connector (USB-C), has helped accelerate the growth of DisplayPort beyond PCs into mobile applications. Since its introduction four years ago, VESA’s Display Stream Compression (DSC) standard has achieved widespread success in enabling video transport compression. Adopted across the major display interface standards—including DisplayPort, HDMI® and MIPI®—DSC enables visually lossless compression for ultra-high-definition (UHD) display applications, while also facilitating High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 8K video across DisplayPort and USB-C. +++++++++++ https://www.vesa.org +++++++++++