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Delta, Northwest Airlines Merge
Stakeholders in both airlines approved the merger last year as the sayd the action would help - not hurt - U.S. air travel and is likely to produce substantial and credible efficiencies that will benefit U.S. consumers and is not likely to substantially lessen competition. Although Northwest is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, Delta plans to maintain the airlines' separate Web sites, operations and customer loyalty programs for the immediate future. This is the most successful merger in airline history - said Delta President and Chief Financial Officer Edward Bastian - who is now also president and CEO of Northwest Airlines. Delta is New York’s largest carrier and has invested billions in New York City’s airports during the past six years, leading the way in improving the traveler experience for a growing number of New York passengers – currently more than 27 million. The airline offers more than 500 peak-day departures to more than 130 destinations worldwide from its hubs at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. ++ more info ? +++++ http://news.delta.com ++++