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La Guardia - New control tower
Construction of the 233 ft control tower at New York LaGuardia Airport is complete, ready for fitting out with the latest tower equipment including the Airport Surface Detection System Model X (ASDE-X), and the Integrated Control and Monitoring System (ICMS), which consolidates information including navigational aid displays into one screen. The tower has an 850 square ft tower cab. The total cost to design, equip, and construct the new tower was approximately USD100 million. LaGuardia Airport (LGA), also in Queens (on the Grand Central Parkway) mainly handles domestic flights. If you're flying in from anywhere in the U.S., chances are you'll come through here. Particular exceptions include Continental Airlines. The airport has a Ground Transportation Desk where you can get information when you arrive. The easiest route is the M60 bus which picks you up at the airport and drops you off at 116th and Broadway in front of the gates of Columbia University. From here you can take a bus, taxi or subway to anywhere in Manhattan; we don't suggest riding the subway at night if you are new to New York. +++++ http://www.laguardiaairport.com/ ++++++