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Airport Carbon Accreditation
The whole of humanity is coming to terms with the issue of climate change, and the role of carbon emissions as a cause. Airport Carbon Accreditation is the European airport industry’s response. Along with other aviation industry stakeholders, european airports are seeking to address the challenge of climate change and have developed a wide range of activities to reduce carbon emissions linked to airport operations. These emissions are mainly stemming from energy use in airport buildings and infrastructure, transport to/from airports, airside vehicles, aircraft ground movements and energy consumption and refrigerants. Beeing Airport Carbon Accreditation the European carbon standard for airports, the programme assesses and recognises the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions with four levels of award: Mapping - Reduction - Optimisation - Neutrality. Actually only Goteborg Landvetter Airport, Stockholm Arlanda, Bromma Stockholm and Umea City Airport (Swedavia) got NEUTRALITY level. At OPTIMISATION level we can find Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (over 45 million passengers a year) and Munich Airport, another of Europe's top 10. REDUCTION level for Gatwick Airport - the busy single runway airport in the world, Frankfurt Airport, Hamburg Airport and Brussels Airport. Starting level ( MAPPING) for Ana Airports (Portugal), Dubrovnik Airport and Chisinau Airport (Moldova) +++++ http://www.airportcarbonaccreditation.org +++++