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In-Store Marketing Institute
The In-Store Marketing Institute is developing the StratConn -- Strategic Connections -- Business Meeting Series to let buyers and sellers connect more efficiently and strategically than ever before. Serving several niche markets in the retail and marketing industries, StratConn meetings bring business partners together for two days of well-planned, 30-minute sessions. Limited to a small number of high-value buyers and sellers, StratConns facilitate face-to-face planning sessions between solutions providers (Hosts) and solutions seekers (Guests) to review new products and services, marketing initiatives and business strategies. Each hosting company is provided a private meeting room in which to set up product displays, sales literature, visual aids or other meeting supplies. At regular intervals, the Institute staff escorts guests from room to room to meet with appointed hosts. For information about participating in future StratConn meetings, contact Maureen Macke at 847-675-7400, ext. 127.or ++++++ www.totalretailexp.com