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ILTM Americas from Reed Travel Expo
Welcome to International Luxury Travel Market! Each event introduces an unrivalled selection of luxury travel brands to ILTM’s extensive network of hand-picked luxury travel advisors, through bespoke appointment programmes and networking sessions. Alongside the global flagship events in Cannes (December) and Asia Pacific (in May) - Singapore, ILTM has four core local events; ILTM Arabia - Dubai in May, ILTM China - Shanghai in November, ILTM Latin America - San Paulo in May and ILTM North America - Riviera Maya in September, as well as one specialist event; ILTM Africa - Cape Town in April. Pre-scheduled appointments will be arranged on a strict one-to-one ratio. If you love luxury, luxury travel and/or lifestyle products and services, you can travel the world in only 3 days at any ILTM event. Key C level management of the world’s leading luxury travel brands are often onsite, as are the newest openings and most exciting experiences – it’s as much about networking as it is about finding stories and feature ideas. ILTM is a trade mark of Reed Exhibitions Limited. Reed Exhibitions is a trade mark of RELX Group plc.