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Environmental IMEX + CSR
IMEX works closely with several expert partners to consistently promote better understanding of environmental management issues. These are: The Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), Louise Hall Reider and Co and Positive Impact. This year IMEX has also introduced a Green Team ribbon scheme as way of incentivising exhibitors to reduce waste. Exhibitors who commit to achieving two out of three green tasks are eligible to wear a green ribbon to demonstrate their practical environmental achievements at IMEX. The three tasks are: using USB sticks rather than print materials, shipping print brochures back rather than sending them for waste after the show, and using hydroelectric power for their stand. IMEX continues to manage its environmental performance by using hydroelectric energy to meet all of the organisers electricity requirements for the week in Frankfurt. This energy option is also offered to IMEX exhibitors. IMEX also uses biodegradable and recyclable badges - printed on 100 per cent recycled paper. With no petrochemicals used in their production, they are also completely compostable in water. This alone saves the use of 21,000 plastic badges and badge holders each year. The show also uses plant silk lanyards made from a 100% waste product. All carpets will be re-used or recycled and visitor bags are made of reusable, recyclable polypropylene. IMEX has also use of bio-diesel fuel for 90% of its hosted buyer bus transfers.