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ITB - How it all began
Author Pietro De Angelis >>>>> Not one to be put off by the detractors, Prof. Dr. Manfred Busche launched the first event in 1966. It was part of an overseas imports trade show: Nine exhibitors from five countries - Brazil, Egypt, the Federal Republic of Germany, Guinea and Iraq - presented their products and services to 250 trade visitors in a display area of 580m2. New holiday destinations in new continents was the subject of a discussion with 24 Central and West African states at a seminar in the Tiergarten convention center. Currently about 170,000 trade and public visitors (about 110,000) and over 7,000 press attendees (of whom 1,700 come from abroad) meet every year in Berlin more than 10,000 exhibitors from 187 countries. Origin of exhibitors: Europe 55% (19% from Germany) - Asia 21% - Americas 12% - Africa 10% - Oceania 2%. Talking about trade visitors 79% are coming from Europe (55% from Germany), 11% are coming from Asia, 5% from Americas, 5% from Africa and 1% from Oceania. The public visitors of ITB Berlin are on average 48 years old and 160,000 square meters are waiting for you.