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TIA Survey Usa Business Travel
USA Business travel has become a $240 billion dollar industry due to the real value and measurable benefits derived from the collaboration and cooperation that can only occur when people are brought together face-to-face. Money spent on travel by businesses, while supporting the companies, workers and communities where these meetings and events take place, also helps their own bottom-line goals. For example, incentive programs are two to three times more effective than cash at motivating employee performance, making them a smart business choice. These programs typically benefit hardworking middle-class Americans who have earned these trips through their exceptional performance. Communities rely on the wages and taxes generated by meetings, events and other travel. Nationwide, business travel generates $39 billion in tax revenue, and nearly $16 billion is from meetings and events in cities and small towns everywhere. That tax revenue helps fund public schools, police and fire departments and other essential services in every community across the country. ++++++ Source www.tia.org ++++++++