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Business Travel Club
The Business Travel Club, brought to you by the Business Travel Show, is a regular social and networking event open to anyone involved in the business travel industry. The club, which meets 6 times in the UK, the Netherlands and across the Nordic Region, is there for you to keep up to date, share the latest industry developments, meet with like-minded professionals and create and maintain your own national and international networks - all within an informal setting whilst enjoying a couple of complimentary drinks. The Club, is completely free of charge to attend and everyone who comes can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Founder David Chapple said, - The rapid growth of the BT Club shows how important online networking is and the high-value placed on it by the business travel community. With membership growing daily of our LinkedIn Group the BT Club has fast become the largest social networking group for the UK travel industry and we are thrilled that it has been embraced by the industry - ++++++ http://www.thebusinesstravelclub.com/ ++++++