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Radius and Acte release whitepaper
Radius and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) announced the release of a joint whitepaper, Travel Management of Tomorrow: Is Major Change Coming? ++++++ First announced at the ACTE Executive Forum in Sao Paulo, this whitepaper surveyed ACTE members and event attendees consisting of travel buyers from 33 countries, representing all global regions as well as large, medium and small sized companies. ++++++++ Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said there would be more travel, and 71% said they believe travel spend will be higher, at their companies in 2017 vs. 2012 ++++++++ Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they will have the same in-house travel management resources available as today, while 14% believe they will have even less; only 27% said they will have more +++++++ Forty-three percent of travel buyers surveyed said the IT function will be more important to travel management in 2017 than today (#1 ranking among company functions) ++++++++ Fifty-one percent said travel technology companies will be more important to travel management (#1 vendor group) ++++++++ Sixty-five percent said they believe end-to-end solutions will increase in importance to travel programs in 2017, followed by 60% each for data consolidation and Social/Local/Mobile (SoLoMo) accessibility (the top three elements ranked among nine travel management priorities) ++++++ RADIUS is committed to understanding the evolving needs of travel managers in order to be a more effective partner, said Chris McAndrews, Senior Vice President Marketing and Business Development for RADIUS. +++++ more info ?? Diana Doody ++ ddoody@radiustravel.com