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A new pubblication in Italy
A publication containing a series of articles on Italy by the leading US newspaper, The New York Times, has been presented in Rome. The publication entitled The New York Times. Italia , available in English and Italian, springs from a partnership between ENIT, the Italian State Tourist Board that proposed and promoted the project, the New York Times and Istituto Geografico De Agostini and represents an all-important tool for promoting, discovering and understanding the Bel Paese. The publication highlights the constant attention given to Italy by the New York Times. This is positive since it offers proof of the fact that Italy is at the centre of the US public opinion's interest and curiosity - stated ENIT Chairman, Amedeo Ottaviani, according to whom the most important feature of the book is that the large number of articles offer an image of our country which, as a whole, influences the image the Americans have of it. We can label it a genuine Italian dream which is equal to a large number of visitors able to make a major contribution to the country's tourist economy. According to Mitchel Levitas, Executive Associate New York Times Book Development - Italy is one of the best loved tourist destinations worldwide and this publication is a perfect souvenir for those who have travelled to and fallen in love with this country. But is also serves to arouse the curiosity of those about to make such a trip. Some of the leading American writers and journalists, including Olivier Bernier, Rachel Billington, Frank Bruni, Alastair McEwen, Muriel Spark and William Weaver, contributed to the book - essays soaked in history, philosophical observations, amusing anecdotes, cultural and travel information, basically the best of the New York Times' narrative talent.