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Costa's 50th Caribbean
Costa Cruises was the first cruise line to offer regularly scheduled Caribbean cruises from Port Everglades in 1959 with the elegant Franca C, setting the stage for the modern day cruise vacation that so many travelers from South Florida enjoy today. All in one class accomodations with bathrooms and air conditioning, heralding a new era of pleasure cruises. Actually, Costa Cruises is still cruising from South Florida. The Costa Fortuna is beginning her third season from Port Everglades, offering seven-night cruises on rotating Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries through March. The 105,000-ton Costa Fortuna has a double capacity of 2,720, with 1,359 cabins—857 ocean view and 458 with large verandas. The ship offers guests a stunning array of facilities including 11 bars, 4 restaurants, a theater extending over three decks, three swimming pools, a casino, disco, ballroom and a gym.