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The Incentive Club - Outlook Report 2013/2014
The Incentive Club - more than 240,000 partners worldwide for meetings, Incentive travel and Incentive Marketing - said 2013 was a very bad year for meetings, incentives and motivation activities. The research involved a global audience of more than 8,700 partners in 57 countries. Compared to previous years, 73% had a drastic reduction for all marketing and promotional activities including conferences, incentive trips, premium travels and promotional campaigns. Cost pressures, fewer delegates and smaller budgets changed the criteria of booking a venue or launching a promotional campaign. Looking forward to 20143 the most important factor influencing decision-makers is uncertainty about the global economic outlook, but 48% of partners feel confident about the sector's prospects and 24% expect to hold a better number of activities this year if venues and suppliers will be flexible enough and they will work more closely with agencies and meeting planners. Next year costs per attendee per day will increase everywhere, and group sizes will decrease in Asia Pacific region and Latin America, where we can preview the highest price inflation. Group sizes are actually expected to increase i n EMEA and North America, where price inflation will be modest during the period. ++++++++ www.theincentiveclub.com ++++++++