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new Convention Bureau for Cyprus
The formation of the new Cyprus Convention Bureau was announced at a recent launch which took place in Cyprus, where it was explained that initially it will operate as a division of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) with an Advisory Committee made up of the private sector. Parallel to the formation of the Cyprus Convention Bureau is the re-branding of the conference product, using the slogan 'Passion for Success', which will feature in all future advertising and promotional campaigns. One of the aims of the slogan is to underline how the passion of the industry in Cyprus pervades every meeting that takes place on the island to ensure that each event is both successful and memorable. Latest figures from a CTO survey found that conference events on the island doubled between 2009 and 2012. The most popular months were March, May, October and November which is due to the islandís comparative advantage over other European destinations in terms of its year-round sunshine and mild winter climate.