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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Cargo
When the master planners of Hartsfield-Jackson devised one of the world's largest passenger terminals, they provided flexibility for the movement of cargo in the design as well. There are three main air cargo complexes at Hartsfield-Jackson: North, Midfield and South. The total on-airport air cargo warehouse space measures 2 million square feet. More than 200 million people, 80 percent of U.S. consumers, are within two hours' flight time from Hartsfield-Jackson, or one day's trucking by highway. Adjoining the Airport is the 250-acre Georgia Foreign Trade Zone, FTZ # 26, which facilitates trade and increase the global competitiveness of companies doing business in Georgia by reducing operating costs associated with international trade. Hartsfield-Jackson's cargo services feature operations by more than 100 licensed customs brokers and 200 domestic and international freight forwarders.