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CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf
For the second time in succession the CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf has captured first place in the venue study carried out by HV-Magazin. Jointly with the CCH Congress Center Hamburg, the CCD tops the list of convention centres most popularly chosen to host annual general meetings throughout Germany. As in previous years, the latest study covers all 345 companies that belonged to the German stock exchange segment with the most stringent transparency requirements. All told, in 2013 the convention centre in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital thus housed 18 ordinary general meetings. That so many companies hold their most important annual event in the CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf results from the venue's early specialisation in annual general meetings, its high technical safety standards and the expertise gained in this event segment, says DuesseldorfCongress CEO Hilmar Guckert.