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Event Industry Awards
If you are a member of Ireland's Events industry you may well have worked with individuals who have impressed you, or have brought an extra dimension to the production elements of your events over the past 12 months. If you know of any outstanding examples in the following categories, please let us know. All category criteria can be viewed in the Entry Guide, which includes a sample entry template and also Top Tips for your reference. Please also take the time to read the Award's Terms and Conditions. Get recognition for the work that you, your company and colleagues have carried out over the past 12 month as winning one of these prestigious trophies will set you and your organisation apart from your peers and reward your hard work and endeavour. The Awards night offers the opportunity to network with over 400 professionals from the highest echelons of the industry - entry is free. Launched in 2009, the Event Industry Awards are the premier event in Ireland which celebrates excellence and showcases the very highest standards in Ireland's event industry. ++++++ http://www.eia.ie +++++