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IACC Europe Annual Conference



Begins 05/10/2018

- Ends 07/10/2018



Description The IACC - Europe Knowledge Festival is a great opportunity to learn, gain important new skills, share knowledge and best practice, network with peers and leaders in the industry and tackle industry challenges alongside like-minded professionals from the global IACC community. This years event will be held at Kapellerput Conference Hotel which has the world's largest treehouse meeting room and is a venue in which art, design and innovation is at the heart of everything they do. Join us to challenge yourself, to explore, share and create new ideas, to think differently and to expand your mind on an educational and cultural level. The venue is situated approximately 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven airport, Amsterdam Schipol & Rotterdam are approximately 1.5 hour by train or approxinately 50 mins by car, Dusseldorf Weeze 1hr / 65km, Dusseldorf International 1hr / 100km, Brussels Zaventem 1.5 hr / 130km more info?